Our owners, Jeff and Libbi Hendley, named our store after their mothers (Libbi's late mother, Lillian, and Jeff's mother, Lucille). We strive to offer products that are on trend, high quality, and beautiful; clothing and accessories that our mothers would be proud of. Our desire is that you would feel known and encouraged each time you walk through our screen door on King Street. You are always welcome in this place. 

We believe that having fun, dressing well, and saying grace before a meal are all important keys to a happy life. We believe in big cups of coffee and making time for intentional conversation with friends. We believe in putting our best foot forward (in cute shoes, of course), and in asking for help from others when we need it. We believe in living with our arms outstretched and ready to receive with open hearts. We believe your favorite outfit doesn't have to cost you your entire paycheck, and that your wardrobe should be lived in and loved well. 

Our prayer is that you will feel cared for and cherished in this space. We have carefully selected each item in our store and online just for you, our Lililu lady. Our promise is to  provide current and affordable designs that will make you feel like your best you. 

We can't wait to visit with you; we are hopeful that you will leave feeling restored and deeply inspired to live life to the full.